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Current Exhibition


Rotating Gallery

In gallery A, the CAAHM hosts a different rotating exhibition every three months. Our most recent rotating exhibition, "Blackface Reimagined: Minstrelsy and Racist Representations of the Black Body," opened on July 1, 2019. This exhibition encourages visitors to engage in the current national conversation about blackface. 

early times at Calaboose

Permanent Collection

The museum’s permanent exhibitions are housed in gallery B. These items include artifacts that belonged to Ulysses Cephas, noted blacksmith, John M. Toliver, businessman, Victoria Wilson, motel owner, Miss Ollie Hamilton, grocer; Sammie Hardeman, renowned chef/caterer, Eddie Durham, famous jazz musician; cotton industry, desegregation at Southwest Texas State, Old First Baptist Church, the Buffalo Soldiers, Tuskegee Airmen, San Marcos Colored School, KKK regalia, etc.

Past Exhibitions

Black Veterans from San Marcos–World War II: Exterior Exhibition (Nov. 2019)

Walking in My Shoes: Bob Jones Solo Exhibition, (April–Sept. 2019)

Sammera Fadul: The Black Art Association Exhibition (2018)

If These Streets Could Talk: Contemporary Activism in San Marcos 2015–2018 (Photos) (March–June 2018)

Tandie Van Der Berg: Art and Activism, Solo Exhibition (March–June 2018)

(South African Artist -African American Themes)


Charles Callihan: Athlete, Teacher, Minister, (Nov. 2017)

Art by Ryan Runcie: Solo Exhibition (Sept. 30–Dec. 2017)

Lucious Jackson: Breaking Barriers and Backboards (Sept. 24, 2016–Feb. 24, 2017)

Cover Stories: Roots, Rhythm, Resiliency" (Art Quilts) (Feb. 13,  2016–April 21, 2016)

Gone but Not Forgotten: Black Businesses in San Marcos (Nov. 2014–Jan. 2015)

In the Winners's Circle: Celebrating Four Notable Athletes (Lucious Jackson, Charles Austin, Brenda Bell, Dave Brown)  (January 20, 2013–June 16, 2013)

Getting the Votes: Black Politicians in San Marcos (October 2009)

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