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The Calaboose is an invaluable educational resource that highlights the 19th, 20th, and 21st century local African American History. See below to check out our latest selection of educational videos and children’s activities.

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YT - Art in Color

History of the Calaboose

The First Black Artist

Dr. Elvin Holt.


Calaboose Virtual Talks

Learn part of the historical background of the Calaboose African American History Museum brought to you by museum president, Dr. Elvin Holt.

Art in Color is a video series created by curator and culture writer, Jaelynn. Highlighting the works of contemporary artists of color. 

Dr. Peniel Joseph, “A Familiar Moment:
Re-examining Historical Movements & Leaders of the Past,”

Calaboose Virtual Talks

Dr. Ted Gordon, “The Importance of Place & Space: Racial Geography Matters, ”

Calaboose Virtual Talks

Dr. Jeff Helgeson, “The Effects of Urbanization, Disenfranchisement, & Social Action in the Black Community,”

7 Days with Daddy by Belinda N. Mays

Calaboose Virtual Talks

Calaboose Virtual Talks

Guest speakers Dr. Richard Reddick of UT Austin and Mr. Sterling Riles of Lockhart, TX from the Calaboose Board Meeting on 7.2.20 where we discussed racist iconography and the parallel between recent corporate action to address Aunt Jemima and our very own exhibit, “Blackface

D9 Story-time

The Calaboose African American History Museum presents...”The Divine Nine Virtual Story-time” with the #d9brotherhood of #AlphaPhiAlpha #KappaAlphaPsi #OmegaPsiPhi #PhiBetaSigma and #IotaPhiTheta . Beginning June 1st, you will be able to access at least one virtual storybook

Dr. David Pilgrim is a public speaker and one of this country's leading experts on issues relating to multiculturalism, diversity, and race relations. He is best known as the founder and curator of the Jim Crow Museum: a 14,000-piece collection of racist artifacts located at Ferris State

The Calaboose African American History Museum presents...”The Divine Nine Virtual Story-time” with the #d9sisterhood of #alphakappaalpha 💗💚#deltasigmatheta 🔺🐘#zetaphibeta 💙🤍🕊and #sigmagammarho


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