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In Honor of Dr. Elvin Holt

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The Calaboose African American History Museum is beyond saddened to share that we have lost our most devoted pioneer, esteemed servant leader, and beloved friend and mentor Dr. Elvin Holt. Simply, there are no words, and in a moment like this, when we would ordinarily turn to him to access his literary gifts, we are further reminded of another unfillable void he leaves behind.


Dr. Holt was nothing short of a indefatigable living reference of African American history and literature, particularly in the community of San Marcos, Texas. He had encyclopedic knowledge of seemingly all things related to the breadth and width of the African American community in San Marcos. Simply, he was brilliant and awe-inspiring in his ability to recollect the nuanced details that helped youth, families, scholars, and curious patrons of the Calaboose Museum connect the dots between time and space in history. To attempt to document all of his gifts is an insurmountable task, for he was many things – all admirable things.

He was a man of upstanding integrity and timeless class. Dr. Holt was committed to service in a way that is simply inimitable. He began building his everlasting legacy long before his transition beyond this space, and it is our humble honor to advance it. Dr. Holt has left an indelible mark to which we will continue to turn for guidance and inspiration.


The Calaboose African American History Museum will honor Dr. Holt’s long-standing commitment to further augment and amplify the mission and vision of the Calaboose African American History Museum, as he so tirelessly did. He was our longest serving President and Board member- never giving up on the vision that founder Johnnie Armstead had for the Calaboose Museum. We are beyond blessed to have been co-stewards alongside him, and even more so, to have loved him as a mentor and friend. We will miss you with all of our hearts and souls, Dr. Holt. You have served well; may Heavenly rest be yours. 


❤️- Dr. Skyller Walkes, Immediate Past President,

On behalf of the Calaboose African American History Museum Board of Directors

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