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A Note from Our President:

"Hutson's The Opening is both a literal and metaphorical interpretation of his expansive repertoire of works featured for synergy between Hutson's piece The Opening and its temporary home in his birth place, the city of San Marcos, Texas.

Though Hutson's works will be shown across several galleries in the same city, the invitation to enter here first- viewing The Opening as an introduction to the artist within the walls of The Calaboose African History Museum- also provides a gateway to the origins of his past. Having grown up just a few blocks away, Hutson has roots in the historic African American Dunbar neighborhood and as such, this neighborhood is an opening to his formative experiences.

The work is both distant and proximate- familiar yet unknown. Hutson's anchoring of place and space, as inspired by Goree Island in Senegal, harkens to the duality of the African American experience. One that is categorized by a nation state but is also simultaneously uprooted from another. This represencing of identity through paralleling borderlands highlights the power of the relationship between belonging and geography in art. At the same time, it insists  that we acknowledge the tension of grappling with the Afro Diasporic displacement that many African Americans in the United States consciously or unconsciously experience.

Over the years Hutson was recognized internationally as an artist, curator, amateur archivist and educator. He has received prestigious awards and his artwork is represented in both private and public collections of major museums here and abroad."

-Dr. Skyller Walkes, president of the Calaboose African American History Museum

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